This shoe was one of the triumphs of last year's Nike Pegasus celebrations. We saw a few remixes last year (we still don't know what that stitched down version was all about) but the Pegasus 83/30 is great — to get a remake right you need to show the right amount of reverence for a shoe, but bring something new too. The Pegasus changed a lot — it created a ride that was hybrid in its cushioning and the originator of the Air Wedge, but it was the antithesis of insanely expensive shoes of the time like the New Balance 990, with designers tasked with creating a lower price point runner that could still perform at an elite level. We can't deny that the original Pegasus was pretty gloomy with the blue poking through an overcast upper back when it debuted in late 1982. Not so with this version of Nike Sportswear's baby — this one goes full clown car in a good way. The way tricolour mesh on that upper is connected by slivers of tech jacket style taping and the way the colour blocking spills onto the midsole at the right angle. Considering that the Nike Pegasus formula has been updated successfully many, many times (bar some of those mid to late 1990s stumbles including the Visible Air one) and currently is in its finest form since 1995 at performance level, that this lifestyle variation still shines is quite an accomplishment. The price is on point and the hype is minimal, so we're backing these for the remainder of another summer. These will be in the store shortly...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 30 July 2014


The Nike Air Huarache Light has been connected to CT since the early days. The Huarache a hit but this shoe was the cult spinoff that few seemed to talk about. Ubiquity and some abysmal colourways have got us jaded with the Tinker Hatfield's masterpiece right now, so this reissue of the Light has got us hyped. If you ignore the existence of the Free versions from a couple of years back, its been a while since we last saw this silhouette (in fact, we're sure it was on some Jordan XI themed Bursts in 2009): JD Sports putting out the Beams editions and their own navy and white edition was almost a decade ago — we still wish that Spiridon-like flip on the original men's Light colourway that got sampled made it out, but we have to concede that we've never seen a bad makeup of this shoe (bar the aforementioned lame natural motion version — couldn't knock the colours though). We loved the AD21 Huarache Bursts too. We doubt this model will come close to doing the same numbers as an OG Huarache, so it probably won't appear in a South Beach variation. This shoe wasn't a huge commercial success back in the day and from a performance point of view, as training shoes went, it wasn't particularly light. What designer Robert J. Lucas (who went on to work for adidas) brought to the shoe was a unique lacing detail and the debut of the Meshlon Dynamic-Fit foot hug, plus the introduction of Duralon in the forefoot to complement Phylon at the rear. Still, Ben Affleck rocked them on the big screen in the early Judd Apatow flick 'Heavy Weights' back in the day.The Huarache Light had a sibling too — the Air Huarache Racer for road running, with a different outsole pattern. Both had the heel cleft to slow pronation, but the upper of the Racer was the real point-of-difference: where the Light was a darker affair and even the women's edition, with its plum and grape tones, seemed unorthodox year wearable, that design's blasts of orange and green were...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 29 July 2014

As (No) Malice once announced, "The boy's such an author, I should smoke a pipe." We consider ourselves equally literary and you can go hard with the book references when it comes to making shoe colourways. Some of the Grove Press covers from the 1960s are perfect inspiration and we'd like to see some Burroughs and Joyce prose...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 28 July 2014

There's a number of good reasons why nobody will shut up about 1992. If you took an interest in footwear back then, Nike were banging out masterpieces — one classic after another. These weren't slow burners either. We knew that the Air Flight Huarache was a classic from the start: it completely changed the form of the basketball...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 28 July 2014
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