NBA adidas Originals Decade B-Balls

When adidas got hold of the licence to work with NBA colours and imagery without having to look out for the legal papers it was always going to seep into the Originals line. Over the years, the licensed pieces have improved significantly-the urge to splatter the shoes with team names or extra unnecessary tie-in zaniness has paid dividends. We liked the Knicks and Lakers Superstar 2s a whole lot, but these Decade Hi colourways are vastly superior. It's worth noting that there's two incarnations of this shoe on the loose at the moment-the slimmer 1984 style variation and this more recent take, with its distinctive perforated panel and extra chunk. Truth be told, it's this version that takes to triple-shades the best. The original is best suited to a duo but this allows for a greater level of detail.

We've seen Knicks-coloured versions before, albeit in Low, back in 2003 at Foot Locker-there were Lakers coloured back then too. We haven't ID'd exactly who the other two are themed on, but we're guessing Orlando for the navy/blacks (which are mildly evocative of the partially forgotten but still exciting ALIFE Metro Attitudes) and Portland for the burgundy/greys. All three work well, even if we've got a personal bias towards anything made up in that New York mix, and confining the NBA funny business to the tongue makes them more accessible to those who just want an oft-overlooked shoe (we long for the happy days when oki-ni and Footpatrol had the exclusives on lock) that once seemed to be the adidas reaction to the impending reign of the Dunk. This trio arrives in-store next month.

Posted by, gwar on 24 January 2011