adidas Equipment Support 93: the best of adidas is back

Between this shoe and the impending M997 reissue, somebody up there (well, at a brand HQ anyway) likes us. If we kept a wishlist of shoes we wanted to see return, the adidas Equipment Support from the second series of EQT releases, which ushered in some new colourways too would rank pretty high. We've always switched between this 1993 sequel to the 1991 adidas Equipment Support and the Running Guidance (which, with this tooling restored, can be reissued too), but the wraparound fit, the spill of the 3-stripes (used as support straps here) onto the midsole at the same angle, the raised medial side of the shoe with its rubberised panel and switch to grey, plus the then-new approach to the Torsion Bar makes this one of the best shoes of the early 1990s.

In terms of shape, adidas seem to have gone in with the details too — this is a detailed design and many brands would botch the key elements, but we get the impression that adidas are aware of this shoe's importance to the disciples and as a potential strong seller that could make the opposition's resurrections of early1990s tech look like they're made of Sticklebricks and cereal packets. We don't know if the outsoles are still made of the mysterious Infinity 3000 rubber compound though. The original adidas EQT Support has been out before — as a superb 1:1 2006 reissue, in excellent US-only colourways, tagged by IRAK then back out again in a more affordable form, but there was always a sense that adidas Originals didn't know what to do with a set of shoes that were meant to be the opposite of Originals in the first place, but after 21 years, this one needed to come back.

We badgered adidas about this silhouette and we're pretty sure that everybody else did too, because we didn't have the Euros in our PayPal accounts to outbid German obsessives on the rare occasion that a pair appeared on eBay. It's good to finally have these on our feet. First the (non-EQT) Torsion Integral and now this one. Now what's next? Racers (again)? Basketballs with the inner-lining (again)? Tennis? Badminton? Those mid 1990s Equipment Adventure sandals? Salutes to adidas for getting this one right and the adidas Equipment Support 93 reissue will be in the store in these original colours this Saturday with a pricetag of around £90 (to be confirmed), which seems cheaper than we recall them being the first time around.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 27 January 2014