adidas Originals Fourteener

We just got back from Berlin where we saw lots of big boots with Vibram soles on tradeshow stands. They looked boring. There's only so many hiking-styles that one can tolerate, but we guarantee that you're going to get assailed by them again this coming winter. Beyond the one-piece innovation of the Native efforts and what's in the pipeline for ACG, the adidas Originals Fourteener is an interesting prospect. We love the Jogging Hi design from back in the day (Jogging Hi) as an early example of a running style beefed-up intelligently and the awesome adidas Super Hiker from the late 1970s. The Fourteener is a logical progression of that look, and they're a fine mix of all that's good in the archive.

There's a lot of footwear with D-rings and aspirations to ruggedness out there at the moment, but the Germanic approach is underrated. With a slimmer feel around the foot, inspired by running shoes with that heel counter providing extra support, but a padded collar and satisfyingly substantial silhouette, it all works well. The suede version from this duo is our personal pick in terms of colours and materials, tactically bringing some pink into the earthy proceedings, but in a world where the £100+ pricepoint is becoming depressingly common, the RRP on these is surprisingly low, making both releases the main contenders from an excellent array of adidas offerings at the moment.

Admittedly, August is an odd time to drop something so muted and resilient, but they'll come in handy as the year concludes. These makeups arrive in the Crooked store next month...

Posted by, gwar on 8 July 2011