adidas OT Pack Campus 80s

The adidas Originals OT Pack has given us some decent versions of the best the brand offers. The OT Tech Forum Mid was a premium take on an old favourite that maintained the luxury dope dealer fresh of the original and this version of a Crooked HQ favourite is excellent. We're still not 100% on what OT necessarily indicates from a design standpoint-there's Tokyo-inspired minimalism and modifications, while the Originals Tech concept seems targeted at those whizzing around on bikes without brakes. Wait, ignore that tingling spider-sense for a second. There's definite merits to this threesome.

So what does that mean for our beloved Campus 80s? It gives the shoe a reworking that keeps the main features, but gives them a suede toecap and some extensive amounts of paneled writing that sounds terrible. In execution, they look great. The padded lining and heeltab are more than a little bit KZK Campus-which is, again, no bad thing-and there's enough point-of-difference in the colours to let this trio stand alone on its own merits. Yellow and navy or two shades of blue are cool, but it's the Phoenix Suns style mix of orange and purple that works the best. Usually tinkering with the flawless curves of the best Campus incarnation there is would be insta-fail...these are the exception, and they're set to arrive in January.

Posted by, gwar on 9 December 2010