adidas "Waterproof" Campus 80s

adidas Originals seem to be having fun with the fabrics this Spring, but this Campus 80s makes a lot of sense. For the most part, suede on this shoe is a must-it's that lack of leather sheen that usually lets even the most lairy colour on the upper (offset by white stripes of course) work time after time on this, the very best of the Campus shapes. We've been smitten with this release since its Footpatrol-affiliated reissue, and the affection has sustained. But what do you do in the current weather?

Suede can be a clown move that leads to extensive stains, bald patches on the forefoot and other such footwear fatalities. Normally we wouldn't be adverse to a little wear and tear, but we like our Campuses to remain in a clinical state for some reason. So what's the solution? We think these waterproofed variations serve their purpose admirably, but that matt, rubber-style application to the upper doesn't kill the model's impact, and grey and white is arguably the Campus colourway of champions.

These can take some beatings, but they manage to remain resilient without getting all wacky or trail shoe themed on us. That would be a failure. This one has to remain close to the essence and that's exactly what this low key makeover does, meaning we can don a pair all-year round without dodging traffic and puddles as if they were potentially life-threatening.

Posted by, gwar on 19 January 2011