adidas ZX 8000 Black/White/Light Scarlet

Nobody's taking the adidas ZX 8000's crown and it's a shoe that's defined by the iconic (an overused word, but relevant here) blend of aquatic blue and lemon yellow. This shoe had us hooked back in 1989 with the £85 pricetag and a sense that less was more via that Torsion Bar tunnel through the midsole, plus a squishy disk of polystyrene balls called the soft cell and we got into the groove. Why the 5000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 have all been retroed, but the 6000 remains unreissued agitates our OCD tendencies (too similar to the others?), but our reverence for the original polypag foamed out ZX 8000 made us bottle out of remaking it for the aZX project in favour of the ZX 9000 (and Footpatrol's Scotchlite tribute on the ZX 800 was amazing).

Lately, adidas Originals have dropped some beauts when it comes to this shoe though and this variation's classic adidas palette of black, white and light scarlet makes it look amazing. Suede replaces reflective materials, that vast heel counter (the true focal point of this model) is still prominent and that off-white suede feels better quality than the synthetic suede of old, making this a more olde world take on the shoe in a world where everyone seems keen to update their archive pieces with all manner of futuristic fabrics and techniques. If you've got the fairly narrow feet this model demands, you should have a few pairs of this pivotal moment for German sportswear in the mix (if anyone has the old press pictures of the Divine Styler and crew in ZX 8000s, we would kill to see them) and these are on sale in the Crooked Tongues store right now.

Posted by, gwar on 6 August 2012