Air Trainer SC II: cross training goes dancehall

These dropped in a few other stores a few weeks back, but we're still waiting for our stock, so they warrant a closer look. We still love us some Nike Air Trainer SCs in their 1990 form. If you caught the ESPN Bo Jackson documentary in 2012, you'll know that Bo was a real-life superhero to match Jordan and we used to love his signature shoes just as much. Tinker went in with this one, resulting in a shoe that looked like the 1987, OG SC (now renamed the III) and TW Air Trainers on performance enhancing drugs. There was something in the bloodstream, with that variable with lacing, ski boot insert that exaggerated what we'd seen before with the Ace and Revolution and optional Velcro strap for those poor fools that couldn't handle that forefoot fastening. Sometimes some Rastafarian colours can come off very, very poor — more like a student with a dreadlock wig and rolled newspaper sized mock spliff than any mark of respect, but we can't deny the power of red, gold and green when they're combined. This makeup is a little too garish (yellow laces seem a little gratuitous) but if we'd seen Ninjaman busting out a pair with a click suit back when he dropped 'Murder Dem', it would have been life changing. More Sleng Teng than the usual Sandal's Resort steez of similar makeups, there's something carnival friendly about this variation of the SC.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 22 April 2014