January 2013

Reebok might have closed their performance basketball division for the time being (we're still waiting to see that they're going to announce on that front), but their decision to break out the early to mid 90s designs is a welcome...

Posted by, gwar on 31 January 2013

Remember 2006, when we all wore zip up hooded sweatshirts festooned with guns, and Nike dropped a ton of Air Max hybrids? Yeah, we're not that nostalgic about that moment in time either. But that doesn't mean we don't mess with hybrids sometimes - remember when the Nike Air Max 90, Talaria and...

Posted by, gwar on 30 January 2013

When Nike's got a platform to play with, you better believe that they're going to make the most of it. After all, even when you're a zillion dollar sport brand, every cent counts and they, along with every other brand, have been doing it for decades. Every flagship arrived with a scaled down...

Posted by, gwar on 29 January 2013


When we first saw the Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ we got a little too hyped and put them up without knowing the full story behind them. We're not sorry though, because this is a tremendous distillation of all we loved about Flyknit...

Posted by, gwar on 28 January 2013


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