ASICS Gel Lyte III: Aztec innovation

We have no idea why these just turned up when they've been drifting around for a minute and we have no idea where their Epirus partner has vanished to, but we mess with this ASICS Gel Lyte III heavily. The III is still an under appreciated creation for its pure approach to performance — it's easy to dwell on the slit tongue fit, but the other little things, like the caged 3M and triple-density sole are breakthrough additions and it's those details that helped make this one a favourite with folks who actually run, rather than wet wiping and stuffing a shoe after wandering to the shops to look at more shoes. The absolute progression of the design as nicely at odds with the Aztec patterning here, giving it an Apocalypto (though we know that film was about Mayans) makeover and a weird mix of olde world fabrics and 1989 tech running. It's as if somebody remade a Gel Lyte as a craft fair. If this one was a collaboration, it would have fanboys tripping, but it's not, so it'll probably lurk for a minute. A decent shoe.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 17 April 2014