ASICS 'Pastel Pack'

Pastel applications on a runner isn't anything new, and ASICS are obviously pushing those colourways on your favourite shoes as far as they can. Retro silhouettes in pastel rather than pop can prove hugely effective, and finally it feels like ASICS makeups like these - so tasteful it's almost painful, are finding their audience again. There's no theme there that we know of other than visual appeal and no unnecessary theatrics. Lightweight has long been the underlying theme behind all ASICS releases - after all, it's crucial to performance, and these creations are still absolutely timeless - collaborate all you like, but the Gel Lyte still kicks arse, and our love for the GT II is substantial too. Somehow those subdued shades are appropriate in conveying that low-fat, stripped-down feel without watering down what makes these shoes great. These drop in May...

Posted by, gwar on 4 May 2010