The thing about Nike Air Max is that Nike went so ham with the concept that there were bound to be casualties. Even today, the emphasis is based upon the same old models….zzzzzzzz. Sorry, we dozed off a little there. Do you want to see another AM1 top ten? Or hear the Pompidou story again and again? And who told the 180 that it was allowed to be an Air Max? The Big Window is the only 1991 Max we answer to...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 26 March 2014

With shoes, you know the model name, you might know the colourway and you know the athlete (though the non yankophiles out there might struggle sometimes), but the designer might be a mystery to the uninitiated. Who would be nerdy enough to know a designer's name? Well, we do, but that's our job. There's loads of masterminds out there worthy of calling out - Ken Link, Tracy...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 11 March 2014

If you don’t respect the adidas Stan Smith, then we don’t respect you — it’s that simple. We throw classic and icon around a little too loosely, but the 1964 Robert Haillet that bore Stan’s face from 1971 is perfect and if you can’t pull them off, then it might be your problem and not Mr. Smith’s. Since this shoe’s debut...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 13 January 2014


We've known Gary for a few years and to have an obsessive like him on deck is a bonus for the brand with the 3-stripes. adidas has too many shoes in its past to list, but the Spezial exhibition is as good an overview as any...

Posted by, gwar on 26 July 2013
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