Ah, the joys of nostalgia. Everybody's all about the lists and the talks of how TV stars wore some great shoes back in the day. The Jordan V 'Bel-Air' was a lame shoe because it was the kind of thing nobody would have worn back when Will Smith was on your TV at dinnertime. It was 1990...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 23 October 2014

More Air Max for another month. These franchises are going to get hammered constantly during the next few seasons, but these versions are decent, even if they're riddled with a sense of déjà-vu. This Deluxe set of takes on these classic designs aren't actually that deluxe — with their good quality...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 22 October 2014

The Nike Air Max has taken many forms over the last few years and most of those forms were pretty underwhelming. This 'Run the Day' version was the standout in a recent batch of samples just because we can't remember the rest (well, bar a couple that we'll throw up here over the next few...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 22 October 2014


Here's a couple of old shoes that just arrived. We're months late to the party with these entries to the supposed 'Exploration' and 'Illusion' packs that we thought we'd lump together jarringly because they're nice colourways and they just appeared in a box this AM. We've not featured...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 20 October 2014
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