You might have seen us being openly unimpressed about some recent Huarache colourways. That's because they seemed to miss the point of why the shoe is great. The silhouette, that sole, removal of the swoosh and the lack of heel counter were all acts of provocation — why would we want a Safari print or South Beach makeups on that thing? It's strange enough already. Only a selection of early 2000s colourways came close to matching the 1991 and 1992 palette of the shoe and not much touches the Scream Greens. We last got our hands on this one well over a decade ago when, in the pre IG era, hype was minimal beyond the dedicated bands of Huarache lovers. Now, it's at fever pitch. We don't know why Nike didn't give the shoe a 'triple red' yet to make lesser-known footballers pay over the odds to resellers, but give it time.It's odd that it took this long to bring this one back out, and after the States got left in the cold for so many previous Huarache drops, it's curious that they got the Scream Green retro first, but we'll always love this shoe. Apologies if we slip into old man mode, but those old enough to take an interest in footwear happenings in 1991 will remember that the green, blue and white combination in that glossy neoprene was almost as startling as the shoe that they were applied to. This one changed everything. We've seen homages from Avia, PUMA and even Evisu over the years, but you can't beat the real thing. These aren't going to top the last reissue, but those things have experienced hyperinflation since 2012, and the strap snapping is a heartbreaker, so we're pretty content with this retro — they're well out of shape (a Nike Air Huarache remaster in a few year's time anyone?), but the materials are far better than what we were expecting when we saw images of the samples. These will be online tomorrow priced at 80gbp and, as ever, we recommend going up at least half a size to prevent any small shoe misery.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 29 August 2014

We're nearly out of things to say about the nylon mesh version of the Air Jordan Future, but there's something about this shoe that we're not quite bored of yet. So we'll phone in a paragraph.The woven versions trump these more sci-fi looking things, but this one isn't bad at all. When it's applied...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 28 August 2014

Everything's a pack now, right? You used to just talk about the red shoe, the white shoe, the red and white one, the blue and yellow one or the zig zag one. Now brands have to give a shoe a name because there aren't enough forums to name them unofficially any more. People even give a name to...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 27 August 2014

Some Air Jordans have been reissued four times or so, while others have been strangely overlooked. As far as many shoe conservatives go, the Air Jordan VI is one of the final acceptable instalments. We don't follow that mode of thinking, but we were always a little crushed by a...

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 26 August 2014
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