Converse Allston & Rune Pro Mid

Rune Glifberg is a vert king and one of the shining lights in Converse's particularly strong skate team. Signed in early 2009 after exiting etnies, Converse didn't mess around and gave him a decent pro model in the shape of the blacked-out Coolidge Mid. We never really got down with the high version of the Coolidge. We attribute that to the extra vertical inches the hi-top version carries, and a certain fanciness that seemed at odds with the other pieces Converse Skateboarding were pumping out (if anyone's got the ultra-elusive orange CTS makeup, holler). For fall 2010, Rune's taken the shoe's name, so it seems to be the Rune Pro Mid rather than Coolidge now. They're pretty banging, with the white variations bringing to mind some of the brand's better updates and tweaks on Converse designs from the last couple of decades with that familiar sole unit and detailing. We're reliably informed by those who-unlike us-aren't too pussy to set foot on a skateboard, that they skate well, with a fair degree of board feel.

If the Rune Pro Mid is too fancy for you, then the Allston-built on the same last-strips it back to basics but offers the same benefits. The Star Chevron pieces have been pretty strong thus far. Mr. Glifberg is a strong signee, with a balance of fanboy love and crowdpleasing mass appeal thanks to his versatile abilities. We actually prefer the former silhouette, but both are decent.

Posted by, gwar on 19 August 2010