Converse "Oxford" Jack Purcells

Jack Purcells are a favourite round here. We think Converse made a wise choice when they acquired this franchise around 1972 (anyone else think it's odd that the Jack Purcell's onetime sibling brand PF Flyers ultimately took the Jack Purcell Windjammer? Maybe it was because they already had their own circular vamp Oxford style), and they're doing interesting things with it both inline and in the First String division. We were a little upset when the Hideout's chambray version of the All Star Low never appeared, but then some fine chambray versions appeared minus the Hideout associations - those were a staple sneaker given a staple shirt look that worked nicely.

These versions of the Posture Foundation aided, smiley-toed masterpiece carry the inoffensive soft cotton on the upper - in button down form, chambrays are everywhere, whether it's the omnipresent UNIQLO takes, vast Jean Touitou approved JCPenney versions for a few dollars or some Polo variations in wildly inconsistent sizing. The light blues are cool but the patchwork-themed takes that blend light green, pink and blue are phenomenal. We've been refraining from that kind of hyperbole of late, but these are a pretty perfect piece of footwear, with that quiet clash of colours making an effective statement without excess wackiness, because nobody likes a clown. Both pairs are on sale in the Crooked store right now.

Posted by, gwar on 6 June 2011