Fragment Nike Dunk Hi "London"

The newest Fragment effort for Nike-quite appropriately-created a distinctly 50-50 split in the office in terms of opinion. These Dunks seem to be built to polarise, and just in case you've ever dismissed Fragment makeovers for playing it safe, here's your retort. The human mind seems to react well to symmetry-it falls into line with our notion of beauty and it's a priority for us when it comes to collaborations. In recent years, after the Dunk became a lurid walking moodboard of whatever wacky trends were in vogue, it really started to play it safe to the point of over-over-overkill. These London versions of the new Fragment Dunk Hi trilogy aren't the most dramatically different (New Yorkers get two completely different shoes) in a trio of colourways, but they're loud...discordant guitar loud with some glue-sniffing riffs on the Sex Pistols' 'Never Mind the Bollocks' sleeve art colours. Pink and yellow is a tough one to miss-even from a distance, and that switch between left and right shoe colours that we remember giving some otherwise simple Bapestas a different look altogether and turning Swagger Terminators into a challenging wear.

These shoes feel marginally easier to put on in their deliberate mismatch, but you can't get too mad if friends and family whistle clown music at you, but as another of Mr. McLaren's proteges once said, "...ridicule is nothing to be scared of." Operating as a normality offset to un-compliment the fine brace of classic Dunk Lows due to get a QS release in the coming weeks, we think they're meant to take you out your comfort zone and possibly piss you off, but it's nice to see something that takes a hard left at the design stage in these dull, dull times. You'll still need some innate flair to pull 'em off though. Curiously, either combo as a matching pair would have been a relatively easy everyday wear, looking like an OG colourway through a filter-a Be True to Your Amphetamines affair. Any Dunk that doesn't provoke apathy is alright with us and these are Dropping at Tier Zero spots right now.

Posted by, gwar on 28 January 2011