Gourmet "The 28"

Gourmet's "The 28" mixes a conventional, dare we say it, smart-casual look with an air bubbled midsole with effective results. We hope we got the shoe's name right on this little preview. More Gourmet set for a forthcoming release, and this model gets it pretty right. It's odd to see some homages to what's already a homage-laden line from some brands imitating the Gourmet approach, but what's on its way here is a collection of sneakers that really finds its footing for the coming season. The materials employed on this silhouette are, as you'd expect, premium, the mesh around the collar is nice, tan suede is a winner every time...they even snapped us out of a moc-toe fatigue, merging that familiar detail with a chukka-style cut. That new sole unit is more conventional than the Cortez nod of the one of Tredici and Quadici.

There's a touch of classic Clarks in here, plus, as Jadakiss (seek the new mixtape and right-click it as soon as possible) put it, "Shit talker, Playboy, British Walker" in there too. We're feeling it a lot. You could even try to wear a pair to a job interview or attempt to bounce past a bouncer in a provincial nightclub wearing a pair - though that Air Max 97 style bag of air might lead to failure on both counts. Some Dana Dane goes technical styling. Good work Gourmet, and go check the feature here...

Posted by, gwar on 8 May 2010