More ASICS Gel Lyte IIIs for Spring/Summer

The ASICS Gel Lyte III has had a phoenix-like resurgence since 2005. Those retros seemed to resonate with an audience who remembered them from the first time around, but it took Patta to elevate the design to a new generation. Then our friend Ronnie Fieg went from shinier makeups to some variations that took the shoe global with an audience who previously never knew the shoe existed. To push this weirdo split-tongue design with an emphasis on simple colour combinations and premium fabrics from a sale rack staple to a contender in a cramped, frequently updated realm of low attention spans, where little more than five silhouettes reign supreme. That's quite an achievement.

Every brand beyond the big guns at trend level dreams of shifting units of a classic archive style, and ASICS has got it with the Gel Lyte III. The shoe that won over the cool kids with broad minds and the athletes in 1990 with that 10oz weigh in and unique looks seems to be here to stay.

The Lyte Speed reissue never seemed to fire imaginations and while we'd love to see a Gel Lyte V retro, it isn't on the level of the III. Some colours have been pretty nondescript lately, but this duo gets the formula right in focusing on the main features and maintaining an excess of mesh. Balancing that triple density sole with the options that the overlay accents allow can lead to classic material, and that light grey and red version evokes some recent red accented outings for the shoe, while the white and grass greens bring back happy memories of our '04 576 colourway.

Keeping the white on the Lyte proves fruitful and the synthetic suede, leather and nylon mixes displayed here are the best inline drops from ASICS in a long time. Good hot weather fodder that's landing in the store at some point in the next few days...

Posted by, gwar on 21 April 2011