More Nike Zoom Toki makeups

While they're innovating technologies at an unnerving rate that we don't think folks are quite ready for, Nike are happy to strip it down with designs like the Zoom Toki. The increasingly familiar Nike Match and All Court might have a legacy that stretches back to 1973, but the equally simple Zoom Toki is a new-jack. We were pretty impressed by the Tier Zero versions, particularly the marl greys, that counteracted the horror of the Flight Light and Force 180 ACs, also set on an autoclave sole unit. Those were some half-baked hybrids.

These inline versions of the Toki are decent - they might be a retort to the reign of the Vans Chukka, even though the Sabuku did it in an altogether odder way last decade, but they achieve their objective with a certain aplomb - surprisingly comfortable, resilient and not at the expense of Nike's core appeal. The presumed, "We need a Chukka-Blazer" meeting a few years back evidently proved fruitful, and in perforated leather, this pair of colourways, due for a release around August in the Crooked Tongues store get the premium-basics balance just about right. The black/golds in particular are, given current conditions, perfect British summertime footwear.

Posted by, gwar on 1 June 2010