More Reebok Alien Stompers

The Reebok Alien Stomper set a precedent back in the day. Firstly, it harks back to a time before Jim Cameron went soft and fixated on fairies and fancy cameras, instead dwelling on the M41A 10-mm Pulse Rifle, Robot Sentry Guns and M240 Flamethrowers...the important stuff. Reebok's custom creation for Ellen Ripley to wear after 57 years in hypersleep was further proof of Cameron's obsessive attention-to-detail, and something that helped fertilise a nascent sneaker preoccupation for the younger 'Aliens' viewers back in the day. It preempts the mighty Air Mag in 'Back to the Future Part II' by three years, and while it reeks of 1986 Reebok basketball pieces like the BB4600 shape-wise, the strap system and overall aesthetic was pretty damned prescient of future trends.

Like the Mag, the colourway seen on screen helped make the shoe, but Reebok were so busy giving Nike a run for their money at the timer of the film's release that they never really capitalised on the design. It's worth noting that the release version was significantly shorter than the pair worn by Sigourney Weaver. Hers went way beyond the ankle, while the limited production pairs and reissue circa. 2003 seemed built on a BB model base and silhouette-they even altered the footwear accordingly on point-of-sale artwork (see below) to correspond with those changes, back when it was promoted as the Reebok Aliens Fighter - we never knew anyone lucky enough to have one of those promo pairs back in the day. Periodically, unofficial Japanese-made reproductions appear on eBay that are significantly higher and more faithful to the year 2179 editions.

Maybe our mathematics are out because of the Monday blues, but the promotional materials telling us we we wouldn't see the shoe for "150 years" were a little off-isn't the film set 193 years later? Maybe Ripley had them boxed up and kept fresh pre-hypersleep. Maybe they were retros...given the current trajectory of footwear reissues, that wouldn't be a bad prediction. Still, the Alien Stomper seemed to have some industry influence. The original colours (as retoed earlier in the year) remind us of some favourite makeups round these parts like the Nike Air Pressure and the Staple Dunk colourway. That hefty dose of Velcro was homaged by the ALIFE crew back in the early days of Ritefoot, it's echoed in the flash-in-the-pan ATO Cowhide boots that ushered in a new breed of designer hi-tops favoured by those with disposable income, plus the mighty Air Yeezy.

Messing with the formula can go two ways-Alien Stomper vs. Freddy Krueger on a shoe wasn't the way to go, given the importance of specific colour blocking to this shoe, but the navy blues with extra suede are decent and the reds are the best of this duo, giving a classic Reebok look to a futuristic oddity. These are set to drop imminently...

Posted by, gwar on 17 January 2011