More Reebok GL 6000 makeups

Some 1986 styling from Reebok that captures the brand at the top of its game, just as we're pleased the Paris Runner is staying in the range, it's heartening to see the GL 6000 set for imminent release in some more makeups. The re-release last winter made up for a crappy retro a few years back, and these colourways follow a classically Reebok palette. Dual density, forefoot technology tastefully represented, and that ridged heel counter can't go too wrong, but we're also relieved that after a spate of themed packs elsewhere, woven labels seem to represent an unspoken no-go for garishness. Respect to them for that one, as it keeps this silhouette elevated in our esteem.

Memories of recoiling at the mammoth price tags on Reebok products on sports shop shelves back in the mid to late '80s remain, and while the RRP on these won't cause ant double takes, they represent a defiantly performance look, and a shape that's near perfect, thanks to that suede and mesh mix. Black, grey and teal is the personal pick here, but there's no vulgarities in the mix. We know Reebok's got more treats in the archive, and lord willing, there'll be some more additions to the range along these lines between now and Christmas.

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Posted by, gwar on 12 July 2010