More Reebok Pump Running Dual makeups

Back in Crooked's early days, a pair of the once costly The Pump Running was something of a showpiece. We recall selling a pair of either those or The Pump DLs to Reebok prior to a reissue too, and the Reebok Pump Running Dual seems to be a mainstay in Reebok's retro range now. That's cool with us, because it's a great shoe. The right balance between gimmickry and serious running was struck here, and as the line evolved after its rushed winter 1989 release, by 1991, we had a Pump for every discipline, and placed on the side, the technology looked significantly less cumbersome. By this point even aerobics and walking were pump-able, and the sheer volume of Pump pieces that were available by 1993 meant some name changes for the '00s reissues. That whole post-Huarache frameworked running look still looks great here, whereas when PUMA did it for the Disc, it didn't do it for us.

Did we dream it or was there a pair of Kubrick homaging version that had the droog eye makeup from 'A Clockwork Orange' around the Pump? While traditional pop colour for visibility while running, and an authentic look from the model's debut has been our favoured look, the underrated trio of makeups from Proper last year (that black and olive variation was superb) gave us some speckle on the Pump valve that worked well. You know our sentiments when it comes to excess midsole splatter, but this duo of colourways winterises the shoe with rugged fabric options including ripstop and even resurrects the frequently-used MA-1 inspiration on one variation. Neither revolutionary nor ruinous, these keep this personal favourite from the Pump line looking good and should be arriving in the Crooked Tongues store soon...

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Posted by, gwar on 17 July 2010