New Balance M577: 25 years of low-key performance

The New Balance M577 is 25 years old. It's understandable if you've taken this one for granted, because it seems to have existed in its iconic blue and grey forms on store shelves since its 20th anniversary reissue. Since then, NB has had a boom time that took it from the feet of us fanatics and onto the feet of a broader audience — at one point, DSM couldn't keep this one on the shelves because it made some well-placed appearances in lookbooks and magazine shoots when it mattered. When the shape changed on some of our favourite Flimby-made models, we always loved the silhouette on this one when it was in the right materials — we've officially released one Crooked Tongues M577, but there were several CT samples made in 2003, rather than the eventual quartet of 576s. Just as the M576 got a restoration for its 20th anniversary (and a rerelease of those shoes for its 25th) with the squared off sole and accurate yellowing effect, the New Balance M577ANN and M577ANG show their age too — one key alteration here is the application of that plastic ENCAP branded panel on the upper that's been present on Asian made versions of the shoe for a while. We don't know the history of that detail, because the oldest versions we've seen have been from the early 1990s (this one ran for a while), with the cushioning and stability-centric classic carrying the non-branded nubuck panel on the upper that we're more familiar with. A perfect runner, with no gimmicks (the extended saddle, ENCAP and tougher rubber outsole were at odds with the stupidity of the time when it came to technologies). The quality on these is impeccable and they should be arriving next month.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 6 June 2014