New Gourmet Quadici makeups

The Gourmet Quadici is a polarising shoe design round our way - it splits opinion. One thing's for sure - that duck boot effect has trickled down in a major way. While the ACG Soaker and Visvim Decoy played with the spirit of LL Bean and Sorel, and forthcoming Nike and Ransom by adidas pieces play with the same theme, the Quadici remains the maddest to date. Duck boots aren't a Euro staple - bizarre, given our inclement weather, so they're never an easy sell, but throw an air unit on it and you're going to cause some head scratches. We still love the Gourmet Quadici - it's a bolshy, difficult design that seems to have become a staple design for the brand, and it's a challenge for potential wearers. We've seen many floss in a pair - the coming season also added a salmon pink variation - Drake knows the deal with this silhouette, and it isn't over yet.

Adding a black sole to the line, there's been some mild changes in terms of materials too. The pricepoint was no joke on the shoe's debut, but the materials were no slouch either - now the crew have reluctantly made some compromises that keep the shoe feeling the same, but bring down that RRP a little. That works for us. Because we're balling dangerously out of control, this is being uploaded from LA (still faintly devastated at missing out on meeting Danny Trejo at the Vans OTW launch party last night, but psyched to see Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon's car collection), but rumour has it that the UK is on the up weather-wise, so featuring something waterproof seems a little unseasonal, but we all know that's a temporary thing. Army green is good and the all-black-everything variation uses the optical trickery of black to make it seem slimmer than usual - a decent duo set to drop shortly.

Posted by, gwar on 15 May 2010