Nike Air Epic February 2013 releases

More Nike Air Epics? We're not complaining. This 1985 classic seemed to capture that big money hustler market that made it aspirational, get plenty of love from those who actually ran in a pair back in the day and make a little headway into the terrace market who let a few swooshed shoes in among the stripes. For that reason, it's an important release. Beyond the nostalgia, the Scotchlite underlay with the ventilation, the sole details and shape have all lasted the test of time. The 2012 retro of the shoe was good - it's not even close to being NB 1300 (a shoe that rivaled the Epic on the shelves) quality in the reissue stakes, but it reppped its legacy nicely nonetheless, bar the vintage bullshit. The yellowed sole and fake aging must stop. Nobody anywhere likes that stuff - please stop doing that to perfectly good things. And crucially, why ditch the heel panel perforations this season? THAT'S ONE OF THE EPIC'S KEY SELLING POINTS. The stone and green versions could have been tough, black and grey is okay and the split up of colours on the heel details on the navy and orange colourway is unorthodox. Yesterday we looked at the remixed Vengeance and the Solstice is a repackaged Internationalist, but bar the recent Lunar variation (that we liked a lot), the Epic was being treated with a certain reverence. Until now. If you're not a fiend for the original, none are particularly offensive and all these makeups arrive in the Crooked Tongues store next month. You'd have to have eyes made of balsa wood to think ditching the 3M was a good idea though.

Posted by, gwar on 15 January 2013