Nike Air Huarache: kind of (Slate) blue

Who knew the Huarache still had mileage?1991's high risk release that became a phenomenon on its original release (which makes it exempt from cult status) had a prolonged period among the masses between 1991 and 1993 before hibernating again. Then we saw a series of reissues between 2000 and 2004 (who else wishes they filled a warehouse with Foot Locker F&F weekend sale stock?) and occasional drops like the Nike ACG pack, but after that early 2000s period as a road shoe, with the LE and Huarache Trainer blowing up again, it seemed to settle into a position where it was more of a collector's favorite. Then the Huarache Free (which we always hated) dropped then Foot Locker started their out-of-nowhere rollout of some decent colourways and from there, strange things started happening —like Joey Essex busting out the Stussy editions for public appearances — resulting in the shoe that used to be worn by the cool kids at school with pinrolls being worn by dudes that were wearing TOMS a couple of years ago with pinholes. The diving bootie Dynamic-Fit that Tinker Hatfield helped birth seems to be the right shoe to wear with skintight denim and exposed ankles. But you know what? The Huarache is such a good shoe that we can't make ourselves dislike it — it's pretty much bulletproof, despite the current ubiquity.

Speaking of Foot Locker, some of the most elusive and brilliant drops of the early 1990s came under their Limited Edition SMU collection, where non ACG shoes seemed to get some distinctly All Conditions makeups. Back in 1992, the Slates were a thing of mystery and even when a similar colourway was released in 2000, we were still besotted with it. This sample that's set for a release next month looks distinctly Slate-inspired too, albeit with leather rather than the matt texture of old. Between these and the impending drop of the sand and blacks that look like the Limited Edition Chestnut variations from 1992, somebody at Nike is working their way through the archives and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to you happy memories of obscure versions of shoes from your childhood. There's no escape from the retro machine when somebody sets that thing rolling — Pythons? Foot Locker LEs? It's only a matter of time before Air Azonas and Zoom Citizens make a comeback too. Anyway, the blue tinged tributes to the Slates look like they'll be arriving in the CT store next month at some point and while they're not a 1:1 by any means, there's a few memories implanted in this one. Will any changes occur between sample and release? We'll keep you posted.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 3 January 2014