Nike Air Huarache: a weird shoe gets wilder

The Nike Air Huarache is all over the place right now because a whole new crowd (shouts to everybody who asks for some "Nike Hurricanes" at Foot Locker) are obsessed with them. Even the editions we bought in bulk back in 2005 during those halcyon days of the FL friends and family weekends seem to be fetching crazy money, no matter how mediocre the makeup. Having said that, we recall the shoe having previous moments at the beginning of the 90s and 00s so it's logical that it's going to be big in the 10s too. The Joey Essex factor seems to have blow these wider open and this is the first of several Air Huaraches that are dropping over the next few months. This 'Street Wild' (not the greatest name for a pack of shoes) edition was created to sit alongside the correlating Air Safaris (which, like the Huarache, were another Tinker Hatfield creation that pissed off some members of management when it was opposed). Compared to some other colourways, these don't compare, but while that glossy wildlife pattern still seems a little unnecessary alongside the vaguely MA-1 style colour combo, it's not as bad as the scrapped monstrosities from 2009. Is it us, or are these a bit like the Total Crimson and Sport Grey FL exclusives from a couple of months ago? Anyway, this colourway is in the Crooked Tongues store now right now

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 10 October 2013