Nike Air LeBron 8

There seems to be several different camps when it comes to opinions on Nike LeBrons. Our learned friend Nick believes that only the even numbers come up trumps, but we'll engage in spirited debate as to how much we love the Max Uptempo curves of the 7. That right there was one of the best Nikes of recent years. King James's bizarre very-public relocation guessing game made headlines this summer, but we're all about the shoes. Most models in this line (bar the 5) have hit hard, but the fact the 8 simply seems to make a minor aesthetic departure from part 7 isn't something we're quibbling about. In an era of slim Zoom and synthetic materials, the Max 360 and use of actual leather on the upper is a novelty.

Bigger and bashier, with a slightly relocated swoosh, some carbon-effect framework around the Flywire, rejigged lacing, speckles in moderation and a vast lion face mean-mugging on the tongue is enough to keep factions of the Crooked office happy. For some, this is just too wide-tapered denim kids might want to fall back. That chunky silhouette is some progressive b-boy business. We're all about the event footwear, and courier-willing, we should be able to take a closer look at a pair early next week. Those keeping an eye on Niketalk will know about the brace of colourways that's set to dominate shelves over winter-given circumstances it might be odd, but we need a Knicks makeup in our lives. It sure isn't subtle, but we've long been of the impression that LeBron doesn't do low key. Jason Petrie done did it again...props.

Posted by, gwar on 30 September 2010