Nike Air Mariah PR White/Red/Black

You know one thing we'll never fully understand? Why Nike didn't put out the other colourways of the Nike Air Mariah PR to follow the first retro. Instead, we're seeing some new makeups. Sheeeeeeet...we even got ACG-themed variations while the speckled White Amethyst versions were still sat in the archives at Nike WHQ. Odd. We'd love to see the Mariah Personal Record in all its original splendour before it gets new shades applied. But life isn't like that. This Mariah seems to be some post-Tommy Mottola marriage steez, a little less innocent than it seemed to be in 1990, but while this version of the shoe isn't as visible - in fact an all-black upper contradicts its previous form, as the original, maybe we need to take our heads out of the early '90s and concede that its an appealing interpretation that takes the Mariah where it never went in the shoe's heyday.

Anyone who's already grabbed a pair of the Radiant Pinks will probably pull a grave expression if you ask about sizing. These come up tight and narrow. Really, really narrow. To the point where a true-size has proven impossible to wear for some office dwellers regardless of manipulation and swearing, bar Mubi who has the slim foot going on. Consider yourself warned if you're looking to grab a pair, but once you find a pair that fits, you can marvel at how featherweight they are. Definitely a close descendent of Nike's current roster of Lunar Racers and Free Run+ designs. A red that's borderline Infrared and white on the sole doesn't kill this model's legacy of the midsole as a focal point. These are on pre-order in the Crooked Tongues store and set for a July release...

Posted by, gwar on 3 June 2010