Nike Air Max 1, OG, Women's Vintage & Engineered Mesh

How many remakes of the Nike Air Max 1 in its original form can we take? Quite a few as it happens, because, despite the influx of Nike Air Max 87s we've seen over the last few years, there's no substitute for the model's OG colours - white, neutral grey and red. You wait a minute for new reissues, then a trio arrives. We can explain away a retro of the shoe that started it all but the other items here need a bit more analysis. While the Nike AM1 was available in a few classic male and female colours by 1988, the 1987 combo is the one that disposed of the rulebook with regards to how you deploy a palette onto an athletic shoe. Much is discussed of Tinker Hatfield's Pompidou Centre inspiration - with the Parisian design destination's innovative use of external walkways informing the Air Max's visible air window, but the unapologetic use of colour on the building, used here on the rand to draw attention to what's being revealed for the first time, was a unique thing too. Colour up an Air Pegasus or Court Force with the AM87 colourway and we know exactly what you're referring to. But that revolutionary air is a sole selling point for sure. We upped the brochure recently as a demonstration of how much of a big deal the first drop was.

Now, the Max seems to be even more powerful than ever - ubiquitous on British streets and unisex in its appeal. The one time collector salerack bargain is a full price release with mass appeal. And we still can't deny our love for it in its original form. The New Year's celebrations include a vintage version of the OG that's not sullied by excess yellowing or other such foolishness, twinned with the Engineered Mesh Air Max 1 that we prefer to previous remixes like the Maxim 1 and Air Max 1 Hyperfuse because it feels like some kind of bizarro 1986 prototype come to life and a demonstration of just how powerful that red panel is in defining this model. The third shoe here is a women's makeup of the Air Max 1 that apes the colours again, albeit with a canvas-style toe over a mesh, shades of the old 1997 leather Air Max 1 retro of old in the material choices and just to leave you bemused, a Blazer style tongue with exposed foam and a pink sole unit. We don't know why they made them like that either, but put together as a trilogy, they look pretty and all three Nike Air Max 1s are in the Crooked Tongues store right now.

Posted by, gwar on 16 January 2013