Nike Air Pegasus '92s

The Pegasus line represents an attainable level of beauty from the Nike running collection. It never had the Visible Air to hike up the price beyond reason, but it felt a little more credible than a pair of Air Icarus, Atlas, Craft or Analog. This model was plenty of people's first "proper" shoe...even your dad might have grabbed a pair during a short-lived running phase back in the day. Since the reintroduction of the 1983 Pegasus in 2008 and the mad overlooked Pegasus +25 from the same period, Nike have slowly brought back a few favourites-the 1989 shape was a welcome resurrection and the Pegasus ACG was a great new model too...we've also got a lot of love for the contemporary Pegasus GTX.

Continuing this gradual reissue process here's February's Pegasus '92 retro. There were always too many similarities year on year to just put out each variation in the archive and this represents the end of the model's golden era...the 1993 Pegasus had that protruding rear, and not in a good Nicki Minaj sense, the rugged 1994 RD versions were decent, while the 1995 and 1996 variations just looked creaky alongside the new wave of Nike designs. So is this the last of the Pegasus bringbacks? Possibly. Someone needs to bring the Pegasus Plus, Pegasus A/T or Pegasus Racer back at some point.

Don't let that picture of the black variation kid you on the shape front-it might have the taint of banana-foot in that side shot, but in the flesh they're decent. That variation isn't dissimilar to the Berlin '89 palette, but the real winner here is the classic Bright Ceramic orange variation. That colourway always complemented that rear "window" perfectly and it remains a very attractive shoe indeed. No sign of the black/graphite take on this model that cool kids at school would stealthily sport in lieu of proper shoes, but there's some good versions on the horizon. This duo arrives in-store next month...

Posted by, gwar on 5 January 2011