Nike Air Trainer SC Grey/Black/Light Magenta: 3M & shades of grey

Whereas once upon a time the SC retros only seemed to hit Foot Locker in the UK, somebody at Nike deemed us worthy of Bo's best shoe (well, at this moment in time it's higher in our affections than the AT1 because a Lunarlon remix has briefly put us off that design) in multiple forms. Most of the recent SCs have been good (though we could live without all the shiny stuff), and this is one of the best new colourways to date. With a grey and black palette that's got some Foot Locker Limited Edition 1991 about it. One of the all-time great shorts shoes (anyone else remember how good the original tie-in apparel was?). That bruise-like slate shade that borders on grey brings back many happy memories of wanting shoes with the sacred hangtag attached — the forefather of today's SMUs and Quickstrikes. And if there was one shoe we wanted more than LEs, it was this shoe in Raiders colours (which have been retroed twice since 1990) — this follows a similar formula, but that vast quantity of 3M makes all the difference. And the leather — at least the leather used on this sample — is great (no SC should be made of pleather), set off by the silver swoosh, baby blue accents, classic sailcloth and a seasoning of light magenta inside the air unit and on the outsole. As new editions of old favourites go, these aren't bad at all and they'll be in the store next month, unless these samples are a victim of the CT Nike sample curse that stopped the slate Huaraches and blue suede Tech Challenges from getting an actual release. Fingers crossed for these.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 3 June 2014