Nike Air Trainer SC II: more Bo classics for January

For years, the Nike Air SC II was the shoe we wanted to see retroed, but assumed we'd never see. That was a shame because, back in the day, a lot of us found ourselves compromising with cheaper Bo Jackson looking non-Nike Air cross trainers and this was one of the shoes we used to lose our months over. We assumed that the whole Velcro strap configuration, tongue materials and ski-boot like inner collar was a high risk move for Nike, on a shoe that only a select few would be hyped on. A couple of years ago, this one made a reappearance and bizarrely, it wasn't a botched reissue either (though the soft leather QS editions were way better than any inline variations). There's a lot to love about this expansion of the SC design language — the removable forefoot strap meant that those who hated that extra support (though, for the record, we love it) could jettison it and that unique approach to the mid-cut made it seem like the Air Trainer 1 on steroids and it was a memorable shoe for a truly memorable athlete who embodied that unique crossover approach to sports. This sample that's set for a release next month isn't made to the QS standards, but it evokes some 1990 Mid and Low versions in that palette (though not exactly). Salutes to Nike for not ruining this model's desirable heritage with a slew of crappy colourways — moving too far from the source material can make a detailed shoe a little too busy and even Bo knows that doing that would be a waste of one of the brand's greatest signature collections.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 5 December 2013