Nike All Court Vintage

Do we win some kind of award for the most paragraphs about Nike All Courts on any website? We should really just stop at this: the Nike All Court is a good shoe. But there's space to be filled here. The problem is, there's so little to this model that it's tough to flesh much out. It's comfortable, simple...and would anyone have cared too much about a reissue unless A.P.C. and Hiroshi co-signed them? Probably not - the flop of the retro a few years back prior to Jean Touitou and company's involvement is a testament to that. But they're pumping them out in 2010. That's because the market for folk too snooty to admit to liking sneakers but keen to keep buying them is a profitable one, and because this basketball (with extra scope to take to the tennis courts too) design is simple to the point where it's ageless. We were also amused to see those stained midsoles increase in extremity in the images here - for the samples shot, it seemed to be a lot more indiscriminately applied than the retail versions.

Canvas seems like the ideal All Court fabric, and seeing as the shoe had a similar original lifespan to the Blazer, approximately 1973-1980 it definitely had its followers as a reasonable pricepoint release - around 18 dollars with versions made for men, women and kids, and even that recently retroed high top version on the market too. Basketball, tennis, racquet ball, handball, squash...these were billed as the shoe that could be worn for all of them - a proto-cross trainer of sorts. That's why we're surprised it took this long for Nike to yellow them up and get all VNTG on the All Court's pristine elegance. Still, all 3 are classic colourways - that red is close to the A.P.C. release, black's good, but the green swoosh version is the office pick. Due out in July, they're available to pre-order in the Crooked Tongues store now, and we're not sure whether it's the sun's eventual appearance that's caused it, but it's a model that's been gaining popularity lately...

Posted by, gwar on 29 May 2010