Nike & BEAMS Blazer Mid QS: wool & silver swooshes

The Nike Blazer had something of a boomtime a year or so ago, with a moment where the shoe that used to gather dust on Foot Locker shelves was the shoe of girls and boys way beyond the forum dwellers. Then everyone flocked to the AM1 and Huaraches leaving this masterpiece on those shelves all over again. But we'll never stop loving Nike's response to the adidas Americana — an early 1970s shoe that was technically behind its German rivals 41 years ago, complete with that herringbone pattern sole (which some still argue is the ultimate court outsole configuration), but one that managed to capture the rebel spirit, complete with the co-sign from the likes of George Gervin. That's why a few months as a high street choice can't kill our love of the Blazer. This is a shoe that's at its best in two colours — upper and swoosh. Sure, there have been some more audacious triumphs using this silhouette, but it looks the part when there's a certain frugality involved. Fortunately, when you get a partner like Japan's BEAMS involved, you know that they're not going to be hurling galaxy prints and spaceage camo prints at the source material — they're masters of restraint without creating Emperor's New Clothes, as their past projects across brands can attest to (remember those Huarache Lights?) and as part of their latest work with Nike, a silver swoosh, wool upper, orange lace tips and a solitary metal eyelet on each shoe is a nice reminder as to why we love this model so much. As Quickstrikes go, this one might be a bit too low-key for some (especially in a world where shoes made 20 years after the Blazer debuted are key currency), but we salute BEAMS and Nike for staying true to the blueprint but deviating just enough to give this project some identity. These are in the store now.

Posted by, Gary Warnett on 20 November 2013