Nike Sportswear Lava Dunk Hi VNTG QS

This is a shoe that baffles us a little. The 1981 off road proto-ACG classic merged with a 1985 college basketball borderline budget release isn't an obvious or logical one. Oh, and they're officially ACG now too. If we were to try and link the two, the Nike Lava Dome evokes memories of stern-faced sneaker types circa 1998 and the Dunk evokes memories of stern-faced sneaker types circa 2001. So it's a mixture of two shoes that had a heavy Japanese fanbase a few years back. But you know what? We actually like the Lava Dunk Hi. The A/F/E editions were very nice indeed (especially the sand colourway) and while we'd sooner see a Son of Lava Dome reissue, or a GORE-TEX Approach, this meeting of models still appeals. Of course, making a shoe that never existed in the first place "Vintage" makes no sense.

What we have here instead is a hi-topped reinterpretation on the green swoosh Steven Alan Lava Dome from January - well, with some notable differences in material, but you get the picture - and that's no bad thing. It's not touching the grey and navy edition of the OG Lava Dome that we upped there the other day, but the added D-rings and black mesh tongue, plus that Dunked-out collar give it some point-of-difference to those who prefer some extra height and detail. It's a classic colour combination and the Zoom Air application in the footbed's pretty welcome too. Hybrids can miss the point, but even if it's not the most logical mix from a storytelling point-of-view, the Nike Sportswear Lava Dunk is a better example of two worlds colliding than some of the gargoyles we've been subjected to over the years when it comes to cut and pasting classic athletic shoe DNA. These Quickstrikes should be arriving at QS spots very soon, including the Crooked Tongues store.

Posted by, gwar on 5 August 2011