Nike Lunar Presto Rejuven8 Black/Orange

We thought the days of hybrid threesomes were over until the Nike Lunar Presto Rejuven8 came along, resulting in something pretty good. In fact, the shoe first materialised in the electronic realm on the Crooked Tongues Forum in a slightly superior colourway, but this makeup evokes some memories of the debut LunarGlide+. That's no bad thing. A trio of comfort breakthroughs in one silhouette-the mighty Presto, the decent Rejuven8 (which felt like a stronger expansion of the Presto concept than some of the stranger Presto-prefixed spinoffs) and the ridged Lunarlite sole, as seen on a fair proportion of the Nike range at this moment in time. Some sneaker gangbangs have just been footwear cut and shuts, but everything implemented here makes a certain sense, and it results in something ultra-comfortable that's incredibly lightweight. Lately, plain makeups of the standard Presto have been readily available, so these act as a referential little sequel rather than something to supersede the originals.

What's been transported over is good. The heel, toe cap and lace detailing, Torch fabric upper and a midsole (that's strong, but can't top the original Presto sole) make for a good combination. Recalling the bells and whistles that surrounded the launch of each source shoe, this just dropped with little noise. It deserves a lot more. The grey side panel here isn't the greatest touch, just because it borders on striped, and ends up akin to that adidas Presto copy that dropped circa. 2001. When it's tonal (as with the black-on-black variation), it all comes together beautifully. Basketball seems to be the only domain where Lunar isn't quite as prevalent, but if it's a shoe with running-intent somewhere down the line, it's destined to get foamed. Alongside the original Prestos, these are available in some Foot Locker spots now. It's all about the mini-swoosh. Normally sneakers with the triple-barrelled names make us yawn, but for this one has us mildly caffeinated with shades of the type of shoe that supplemented Dunks and Jordans in the original Crooked Tongues store. We're hoping we'll get some in stock at some point when they're not bound to a single retail entity.

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Posted by, gwar on 24 June 2010