Nike Roshe Run Premium NRG Khaki

It's nearly time for the internet to get snowed under with best of... lists as the year draws to an end and the Nike Roshe Run is destined for inclusion on the shoe side of things. To be honest, despite being on the market for nearly a year, the original brace of simple colourways - a simple single-colour upper and contrast coloured sole - were the best. We got the impression that nobody anticipated the sleeper hit status of the Roshe. Now it's clear that the shoe's being groomed for greater things, the original point's been diluted a little. That deconstructed, sock like mesh upper and foam was a simple formula that cut to the chase in a world of queues, themed packs and pointless pre-orders as well as a mix that harked back to old favourites from the Nike archives that followed Bowerman's less is more approach to design. Suede on the uppers? Not our thing. Mixing up the colours? Unless it's done like the Pre Montreal homages, no thanks. Turning them into a trail boot? We're kind of undecided on that one.

Too much seasoning in a basic recipe, yo. The Premium versions of this shoe had to beef things up a little to justify that title, but the rugged cloth overlay, resilient canvas texture making up the majority of the upper are tastefully tonal. But you can't be talking premium unless you apply some leather and that sliver of waterproofed nubuck gives the shoe a moc-style look (we ducked out of trying to be funny there and claiming they've made a mockery of a modern classic) that makes the Nike Roshe Run part of the pack rather than the refreshing alternative it was the first time around. Still, we can't knock the comfort or the fact these will hold up better in winter then wearing the originals outside at the moment, which would be like wandering outside in your slippers like a disheveled pensioner. If you're interested, these are on sale in Tier Zero doors right now. The more bombastic alterations they're making to this model for 2013 are a lot more interesting...

Posted by, gwar on 28 November 2012