Nike Sportswear Denim Air Max 90 (Obsidian/Beach-Cashmere)

New year, same shoes. You know how it goes. How many times have we written about the Air Max 90 on here? More times than we'd care to mention, but there's something about this shoe that's unsurpassed, and its popularity is hardly a mystery. Thankfully, the Olympics and Nike's 40th anniversary have meant several new silhouettes and fresh reintroductions are on the horizon, but the AM90 remains a constant. This colourway of the Nike Sportswear standard gets some instant appeal from the dyed navy canvas upper that gives it a denim effect - and if you know your '90s, you'll know that the '02 Courir edition for Gallic ladies in denim is one of the greatest store SMUs of all time.

This makeup doesn't reach those early '00s heights, but the Obsidian/Beach-Cashmere combination is no slouch - the mushroom shade on the swoosh works nicely, and because they're not overtly denim'd out on the upper, you can wear them with jeans without the Canadian tux effect dragging you down, while chino kids can work those shades of beige into their outfit. What more can we say on this shoe? Nothing, so we'll shut up now, but these are solid, built for the new generation of retro Max disciples out there and arrive in the Crooked Tongues store next month...

Posted by, gwar on 3 January 2012