Nike Sportswear Free Run+ 2 City Pack 'London'

You all know about the Nike Free Run+ 2 by now, don't you? You know that it's the debut of the latest iteration of the 5.0 Free sole, that it's made for training and that the overlays and laser cutting pay tribute to the structure of the foot. You probably know that it's made to improve your foot strength and stability. They're certainly blowing up at street level on their own accord (especially the light blue/orange variation), but these Nike Sportswear versions are a more direct attempt to connect with a trend-led audience. Holding it down for five key cities with visual identities that connect with the Destroyer designs for each territory, the City Pack takes things back to another performance piece that got a TZ release around its launch - the Nike Zoom Moire with that synthetic microsuede on the upper and midsole speckle.

It's curious to see a bonafide performance piece get a makeover like this so soon, but running is a big story and every cool kid these days is deading the slouch and boring the world by telling us their mileage and times on Facebook and Twitter. We'll talk about the City Pack a lot more towards the end of the month (the Rio de Janeiros are fire), but we'll stick to the Londons at the moment. With the aim of this set being to merge that everyday wear and something to actually exercise in with no need to change shoes it's mission accomplished. So why do we get beige - because we're a beige nation? Nope, because it's themed on our gentlemanly legacy of tailoring.

Only the brave or stupid will try to wear them with the now-omnipresent khaki-coloured chinos, but it's a smart colourway. In our unpredictable, inclement capital city, perhaps not the safest choice of shade for the months ahead, but those ready greyed and splattered soles make plenty of sense. These are a very good shoe and they're estimated to drop early next month at a TZ spot on these shores.

Posted by, gwar on 16 May 2011