Nike Sportswear Roshe Run

Sometimes Nike's casual offerings don't grab us like the performance stuff does. What can we say? We've long been fans of athletic product that's reappropriated rather than what's actually aimed at the lazy. The Nike Sportswear Roshe Run is a pleasant break from the norm though - we've never been able to make ourselves like the Royal and we struggle with the Toki, but the sales of those two indicate that we're in the minority. When we spotted these in the Nike showroom in multiple colourways we actually assumed they were a performance piece, but it seems like they're more in the "recovery" category for folks between sports. As fiends for comfort, from the Air Moc to the Presto, Moire and now the Flyknit offerings, the Roshe Run gives us a similar fix of easy wearing - the sock-like, totally deconstructed upper sags a little around the foot, but all that mesh - with some neoprene inside for good measure - is easy to throw on and off, while the Lunarlon style foam sole is assisted by a matching ridged foam sockliner that makes them even more of a pleasure to wear.

There's a whole lot of cues to spot here - from chukka boots with that paneling to Nike's post-2008 running output - but those reference points are skillfully masked into a shoe that's barely there once you put them on. Chunky soled, with stitch eyelet reinforcement, a necessary heel counter for something little more sub-sub-sub-substantial and a transfer swoosh (regrettably, not a Scotchlite one), we're unlikely to see these get a hefty promo budget, but that dark grey and green variant is no joke. With the correct colours, we wouldn't have been mad at an HTM reworking. Nike, you're killing us this year. They really did seem to save the majority of surprises for 2012 - even the basics seem progressive. These sack-like sneakers arrive in the Crooked store next month and beyond these makeups, we're all about that camo variant (not pictured) too...

Posted by, gwar on 6 March 2012