Nike Sportswear Summer Air Max 90 makeups

Nike Sportswear's going all out with the 90s this year and some of the best efforts echo some older triumphs. We never really pondered just how many variants there are on this model until we put the list together for Complex late last year - there's a lot out there. Hyperfuse, Currents and the Free-influenced madness welded to Tinker's masterpiece are cool and all, but there's no beating the real thing. It's strange that a shoe that's of legal American drinking age still dominates the market - we're not sure if that's a testament to classic design or an indictment of contemporary sneakers. Maybe it's a little of both.

Looking in the showrooms each season, there's always a couple of colourways on offer, and while we haven't seen any resurrections (more Hot Corals please) of note in the last couple of months, these makeups - due for release in July - evoke some maize and grey magnificence plus some old JD Sports favourites with the grey and blue. Both makeups are unlikely to win any awards for originality, but they flip existing formulas to winning effect and have mesh toe boxes. Sometimes that's all we need when it comes to the Air Max 90. A minimum of funny stuff maximises appeal. Both are available to pre-order right now.

Posted by, gwar on 9 June 2011