Ransom by adidas Fall 2010 Valleys

The Ransom by adidas line keeps 'em coming season after season, and the fall collection offers favourites like the Valley in some interesting applications. We haven't officially done the math, but this model's been the strongest seller from the line since it debuted last year, and one that's been spotted on the feet of fanboys and everyman types these last few months. A basic silhouette, from the ribbed collar to the vulcanized sole, it's a tough shoe to dislike, and in the right colours, like the navy suede with orange detailing, it's better than pretty much any other simple shape out there. Winter meant the bolder shades went into hibernation, while ripstop nylon versions of the new lower variation stole the high Valley's shine. Tumbled leather, suede and glossy leather have made up the uppers before, but from this batch of fall 2010 versions introduce heavyweight canvas as a killer application.

Keeping the finish matt, suede and canvas makes up this quartet, and the Deepest Green/Oak and Cardinal/Light Maroon variation, with a slightly washed-out look and leather collars and linings are the star here. Will the whole great outdoors look catch a bad one before the year's out, deflating into a bubbling mess of chambray and D-rings? Going on trade show reports, no, and as long as the product is functional and cleanly executed like this, longevity beckons. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions like the Strata and Crest, that run the roughneck spectrum from clean elegance to 40 Below design cues, capturing the full scope of Ransom and adidas's vision. This is the model that, time and time again, summarizes what both partners are trying to articulate with this ongoing project. In layman's terms, this is no-bullshit footwear, smartly executed, and all four makeups are set to arrive in the Crooked Tongues store next month...


Posted by, gwar on 14 July 2010