Reebok Workout Plus 'Workboot'

It seems that if your trend-level range for this winter doesn't incorporate a generous handful of shoes based on the grippy soles of Red Wings, Danners and Timbs, then you're slipping. Reebok are definitely aware of that, and this Workout Plus duo reflects that. Americana and militaristic styling (usually with ripstop) seem to be everywhere at the moment. There's something quaint about taking something that's very, very British and giving it a yankee-heritage look, even if it sounds like a terrible idea on paper or screen. If it's not a reddy brown at the moment, it's a camouflage. The great outdoors is seemingly here to stay (word to John Candy), and the big brands are keen to cash in on it.

What was built for the gym, track and racket sports has turned trail as part of a pack that seems informed by the footwear that surrounds Reebok's Massachusetts headquarters, a region where big-arse boots reign supreme. As long as it stays clean and the leather stays soft, tweaks to this shoe are all good with us, and after the fine 'Beef & Broc' versions, the laces, eyelets and off-white sole result in some good versions of a shoe that's practically an institution on these shores, even if the snootier sneaker folk look down on the everyman connotations of this bestseller. The Workout's officially gone workwear on us and it actually works.

Posted by, gwar on 4 October 2010