Summer adidas Greeley Mid makeups

The adidas Greeley Mid is a fair mix between casual style and a degree of adidas heritage that gets it pretty right. The original colours didn't move us like this duo, but we saw potential there. That mid-cut, the zig-zag stitch and the use of the crepe Montreal sole, minus the extra rubber on the heel (though that's homaged on the heel detailing) is a good adidas Coastal combination. The RRP is good too. We've seen much worse at twice the price. Grey or tan is the option here, with a fresher tone on the padded mesh lining. Suede and leather is a fine double act too, but those stingray-style 3-Stripe patterns are what gives this the extra class. adidas Originals aren't shy when it comes to hurling an animal effect at a model, yet when it's this subtle, we're all over it.

The Greeley, named after the P-Town location of adidas's USA HQ is a quiet tribute to some of the brand's more leisurely moments. These managed to catch our attention over the brasher bits in the sample box, and we're hoping they're as successful over time as the Ciero from the same stable is (shouts to all at adidas US...) It's a considered creation - even the jagged diamond angled heel label feels pretty thoughtful. Dad shoe styling done in a solid way and one of the nicest new Originals pieces, especially in these hard-to-hate shades. Check the last 2 Greeley Mid makeups in the Crooked Tongues store, and we're expecting these to drop in July.

Posted by, gwar on 17 May 2010